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Pro-Motor Oil Additives

ZEP Zinc Additive

€ 12.59

  “ZEP Protects Engines Better Than Motor Oil Alone  The new API SL and SM motor oils will not protect High Performance engines installed in Hot Rods, Sports Cars, Classics, Muscle Cars and Exotics because...
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SEP SR-1 Additive

€ 12.59

    SR-1 additive is engineered with gen II MPZ to provide anti-wear and friction fighting chemistry necessary to protect the engines in street performance cars and trucks equipment with catalectic converters. SR-1 additive...
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MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer

€ 10.77

  MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer is the same race proven, friction reducing technology in every Torco "Professional Series" motor oil. MPZ MFR is a key component to reducing frictional losses and when added to other brands...
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