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MotorCycle Service Products

ZEP Zinc Additive

€ 12.59

  “ZEP Protects Engines Better Than Motor Oil Alone  The new API SL and SM motor oils will not protect High Performance engines installed in Hot Rods, Sports Cars, Classics, Muscle Cars and Exotics because...
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MPZ Engine Assembley Lube

€ 18.69

  MPZ Engine Assembly Lube is favored by professional mechanics for assembling many internal mechanical components including wrist pins, pistons, bushings, plain bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, journals and transmission...
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MPZ Assembley Lube HP

€ 2.57

  MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP is favored by professional mechanics for assembling valvetrain components. MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP is a heavier version of MPZ Engine Assembly Lube featuring higher load carrying ability and...
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MPZ Spray Lube

€ 16.59

   MPZ Spray Lube is a complete engine and mechanical component assembly lubricant in an easy application aerosol. Derived from the success of our MPZ Engine Assembly Lube, MPZ Spray Lube is a concentrate of anti-wear, anti-friction and...
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PL50 Penetrating Lubricant

€ 9.15

  PL-50 is a multi-use penetrating fluid that displaces moisture and provides superior light film lubrication. Formulated with proprietary anti-wear and anti-corrosion, PL-50 penetrates quickly, relieves seized or rusted parts and...
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Brake & Contact Cleaner

€ 6.48

  Brake & Contact Cleaner is a quick drying solvent that effectively removes all traces of dirt, dust, brake fluids, oils and greases from many mechanical surfaces. Effectively eliminates these elements from brake parts,...
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Power Slide Chain Lube

€ 10.86

  Power Slide® Chain Lube is an MPZ® formulated lubricant with extreme wear and rust protection chemistry. Quickly penetrates deep into bushings, pins, bearings and rollers then sets to a stable grease that will not fling...
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€ 10.81

  Moto-Prep is ideal for restoring and reviving dull, faded surfaces to a dry, shiny finish. Formulated for use on plastic, painted, fiberglass and metal surfaces providing a long lasting shine. Moto-Prep is intended for many...
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Foam Filter Oil

€ 9.78

 FFO is formulated with synthetic based oils and special tackifier additives preventing moister and abrasive elements from passing through the foam filter and entering the engine.FFO is easy to apply and it will not dry out, drip or run....
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Multi-Purpose Waterproof Grease

€ 6.75

   Lithium complex grease offers excellent lubricating properties
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