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Two Stroke Motor Oil

GP-7 Two Stroke Racing oil

€ 22.10

  GP-7 is a 100% synthetic oil specifically designed for high output 2-stroke racing engines. GP-7 utilizes Torco's advanced smokeless technology to increase power efficiency, improve throttle response and provide...
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T-2i Two Stroke Injection Oil

€ 9.85

  T-2i is a combination of smokeless synthetic, highly refined low carbon petroleum base oils offering "ultra-clean" performance and protection in 2-cycle engines. A proprietary additive system virtually eliminates...
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T-2R Two Stroke High Performance Oil

€ 6.49

  T-2R High Performance 2-Stroke Oil is designed for today’s High Performance Recreational Machines. T-2R’s well-balanced blend of smokeless synthetic and highly refined petroleum base oils provides extra wear...
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