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Power Slide Chain Lube

397 Grams ( 14 Oz ):

      € 10.86


Typical Uses


Recommended for all high performance or racing chain applications. Designed for standard and o-ring type chains.

Product Description


Power Slide® Chain Lube is an MPZ® formulated lubricant with extreme wear and rust protection chemistry. Quickly penetrates deep into bushings, pins, bearings and rollers then sets to a stable grease that will not fling off or melt under high temperature conditions. Designed to exceed the demands of high performance and racing conditions.

Features & Benefits


- Fling free technology

- Superior anti-wear and anti-rust protection

- Penetrates deep into bushings, pins, bearings and rollers

- For standard and o-ring chains

Meets & Exceeds


Exceeds manufacturers' performance requirements.



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