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RFF 15 Racing Fork Fluid

1 liter:

      € 10.78


Typical Uses


Recommended for use in all cartridge and conventional (damper rod) fork applications.

Product Description


RFF Racing Fork Fluids are a series of high V.I. synthetic blend fluids designed to exceed the demands of all cartridge and damper rod applications. RFF maintains viscosity providing consistent damping under the most severe temperature conditions. A proprietary additive system features the best anti-stiction, anti-friction and anti-wear technology. RFF is treated with special anti-foam, seal conditioners, anti-oxidation and corrosion inhibitors for long term durability and component life.

Features & Benefits


- Synthetic blend formula

- For cartridge and damper rod fork applications

- Advanced anti-friction and anti-stiction additive technology

- High VI formula provides consistent fade free performance

- Formulated for long term durability and component life

Meets & Exceeds


Exceeds manufacturers' performance requirements.



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