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PL50 Penetrating Lubricant

345 Grams ( 19.0 fl Oz ):

      € 9.15

Typical Uses


Recommended for cables, levers, chain rollers, pins, bushings and bare metal surfaces. Also works as an excellent fogging fluid for powersport or power equipment (2-stroke & 4-stroke) applications. Will not harm plastic or painted surfaces

Product Description


PL-50 is a multi-use penetrating fluid that displaces moisture and provides superior light film lubrication. Formulated with proprietary anti-wear and anti-corrosion, PL-50 penetrates quickly, relieves seized or rusted parts and extends life of treated components

Features & Benefits


- Multi-use penetrating lubricant

- Displace moisture and protects against rust

- Light film lubrication for all sliding and pivot points

- Relieves seized or rusted parts



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