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MPZ Engine Assembley Lube

355 ml ( 12 fl Oz ):

      € 18.69


Typical Uses


In engine applications, recommended as a pre-lube for valve train parts, wrist pins, rod bearings, main bearing, etc. In driveline applications, recommended as pre-lube for gears, bushings, roller bearings, ball bearings in manual and automatic transmissions, transaxles, transfer cases, rear axles and marine v-drives. Protects assembled engines, transmissions and rear axles from rust and corrosion during storage and shipment to vehicle assembly plants.

Product Description


MPZ Engine Assembly Lube is favored by professional mechanics for assembling many internal mechanical components including wrist pins, pistons, bushings, plain bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, journals and transmission components. MPZ EAL is a high viscosity, oil soluble lubricant which contains a concentrate of anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-shock chemistries featuring the highest degree of protection. Excellent adhesion properties and will not run or drip from treated parts.

Features & Benefits


- Completely oil soluble

- Increases protection for during break-in

- Reduces frictional values

- Excellent adhesion properties to stay on and protect parts

- Bright red colour



Torco Engine Assembly Lube EAL

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